Common FAQ Stair Lifts

What is a stair lift?
A stair lift is a motorized lift unit which uses chair on a rail system to move individuals up and down levels of a home or business.

Does a stair lift attach to your wall?
No, stairlifts are usually attached to a rail system that is attached to the stairs using varying types of brackets.

Can you use a stair lift on a stairway with turns?
There are different types of stairlifts, some are made for straight stairs and some are made for curved stairs.

Can you use a stair lift outdoors?
Yes, most manufacturers have a stair lift model that is designed for outdoors and these units are usually weather resistant and designed to handle the elements.

How are stair lifts powered?
Normally, stair lifts will be battery powered with 24V DC batteries. However, some units may be equipped to plug into a wall outlet.

What happens during a power outage?
Since most stair lifts are battery powered, they usually have enough power to continue to run depending on the current battery charge.