Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift

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Summary : The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is built for the outdoors, durable and weather proof.

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The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is the more durable version of the standard Acorn 130. The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is designed to handle the elements, wether proofed and durable, it is a smart choice for the steps of your front porch or an outdoor patio. This unit can certainly make getting around much easier for individuals who may be elderly or might have impaired mobility or strength.


The Acorn 130 Stairlift has a padded backrest and seat to ensure maximum comfort. People with limited dexterity will benefit from the fact that it can be operated with the lightest touch thanks to it’s sensitive controls. This dependable stair lift features a rail system that is mounted directly on the stairs, allowing you to protect your walls from any type of damage. Furthermore, it includes 5 safety sensors that prevent it from moving when obstacles are encountered.acorn 130 outdoor large


The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift boasts a slim fold away design with folding arms, footrest and seat that allows the unit to be compacted when not in use. Enabling others to use the stairs without being blocked by the chair. Railing is secured directly to the staircase, instead of the wall. There is no structural damage or changes to your home. Get on and off the stairlift with the greatest of ease thanks to the lock-able swivel seat. The lock-able on/off switch makes the seat child-friendly. It is simple to check the current status of the stair lift at anytime with the diagnostic display. Share the stair lift with your loved ones courtesy of an additional remote control.

Technical Specs

Motor Output Speed: 4.8 inches per second
Drive: Rack & pinion
Power Supply: 24V DC (Battery)
Max Capacity: 300 lbs
Track: Extruded aluminum
Main Supply: 50-60 HZ, 100-240V AC