Stair Lift Reviews

stair-lift-reviewIndividuals with limited mobility or the elderly can benefit from the innovations currently available in stair lift technology. These products can make a huge difference to people who live in multilevel homes where they may need to climb indoor our outdoor stairs on a regular basis.

Our website will take a look at some of the top stair lift models available today and review the pros and cons of each model. We will also try to answer some of the questions that someone might ask if they were thinking about purchasing a stair lift for their self or a loved one. Our goal is to help to prepare you so that you are educated and well informed on all of the information that you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

What Should I Look For in a Stair Lift

Seat Features

The seats on the chair of a stair lift should be safe, secure and comfortable. The seats should be padded and adjustable. Swivel seats are also a nice feature for exiting and entering the stair lift. The footrest and the seat itself should fold away when not in use, as ti not be an obstacle on the staircase.

Safety Sensors

Most major stairlift manufacturers have a built in shut off sensor in their units. These sensors constantly monitor the stair lift path/rail for obstructions and shut down the unit if one is detected. This is a safety mechanism that helps to prevent damage and accidents.

Maximum Weight – Capacity

Every stair lift manufacturer will list a maximum capacity/weight for their particular stairlift. The weight can range from between 250 to 400 lbs. This is an important consideration before purchasing a stairlift.

Key Switch

Some stair lifts are built to be used with a key lock switch, and can’t be turned on without the key. This is another safety feature that is useful if the unit is installed in a home with children.

Call & Send Controls

Call & send controls give the users the ability to call down a stairlift from the top of the stairs, or to call up a chair from the bottom. Units with call and send usually have a remote control that they can use to call or send the chair to their location. This is a great feature if more than one individual is using the stairlift.

Cost – Stair Lifts

Price is always a large factor with any purchase and it certainly is a consideration with stair lifts. A stair lift can be a substantial investment with a price range of DIY models starting out around $1500 to upwards of $3600 + for a premium model including a technician performing the installation. Regarding insurance, as of the writing of this article, Medicare does not cover stair lifts. However, according to The “most private medical insurance companies cover at least some cost of buying a stair lift chair and its installation”.
Source: Law Dictionary: Does Insurance Cover Stair Lift Purchases?

Please check with your own insurance company to verify if coverage is available.


Each stair lift manufacturer has their own warranty. However, most manufacturers will require that the stair lift was installed by a factory trained dealer technician in order to maintain the manufacturers warranty. This is something to think about if you are considering a do-it-yourself installation.