Stannah Outdoor 320 Stair Lift

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Summary : The Stannah Outdoor 320 Stair Lift is a practical solution for individuals wanting access to their driveway, patio deck or yard.

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The Stannah Outdoor 320 is an ideal solution for homeowners looking to provide easy access to their driveway, outdoor deck or yard. The unit easily fastens to a few of the stair treads making the Outdoor 320 easier to install than a ramp and requires much less space. The Stanch 320 was built to withstand both hot & cold outdoor temperatures, and it operates well in diverse locations such as the Northeast United States as well as in Hawaii. In addition, also included is a protective cover, keylock and a remote control. Comfortable and safe, the 320 ensures that outside stairs are not an obstacle due to weather conditions. Built to stand up to the elements, the Stannah Outdoor 320 can handle heavy rain and salt laden breezes, and can operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F.


The Stannah 320 Stair Lift is a durable outdoor stairlift, The footrest raises and lowers at the touch of a button allowing easy entry and exit of the chair. When the 320 reaches the top landing, the seat swivels to face away from the stairs for safety and convenience. This stair lift can be installed on concrete, steel, solid wood, solid stone or brick. The unit should be able to continue in case of a power outage using the battery power.stannah outdoor stairlift


Technical Specs

Power Supply: 24V DC Battery
Max Capacity: 300 lbs